Large selection of
farm produce

Bauernhof-delicacies for farm guests at the Wandlehenhof in the Großarl valley, Salzburg

Hofeigene Produkte - Wandlehenhof in Großarl

When you know that only the best ingredients are used for our produce, it tastes so much better. Here at the Wandlehenhof we produce a wide range of tasty foodstuffs with lots of love. Thus, for example, we make a part of our milk into butter and yoghurt or berries from our garden into fruity jams. Our farmer's bread, baked to ancient traditions, is always baked fresh. Savour our delicacies during your farm holiday in Grossarl or take a piece of holiday with you back home to your loved ones.

  • cow's milk
  • eggs
  • farmer's bread
  • butter
  • yoghurt
  • jams
  • honey
  • bacon
  • schnaps
  • advocaat

Bake bread – with us!


You're welcome to help us bake bread. Here you'll out lots of interesting facts about ancient recipes, the natural ingredients and what you have to take into account to make sure the dough is particularly fluffy - not just a great experience for children!